Fallen Self


rain patters on my window pane

beginning slowly

harshly then

almost demanding me 

to break open the window

and allow them in

which i do

you see,

i’m weak that way

always giving in easily

even when i know i shouldn’t

and so these rain drops

curse my skin with its harsh blows

laughing at my sad little gesture

some cling onto my skin

some just drench me

and some infiltrate the area surrounding me

yet closing the windows now

seems almost claustrophobic

i guess i was being selfish

opening the window up

only for a little breath of air

and so i greedily breathe in

whatever i’m given

while the trees sway

through the torrid winds

none to say if in pain or joy

the sky gives one final rumble

almost like a taunting laugh

and the downpour stops

i guess even the rains

got tired of seeing my demise

pulling back the hair

that’s stuck to my face

i breathe my insanity in one last time

and close the window

bidding goodbye 

to my once fallen self


| Mazel J

2 thoughts on “Fallen Self

  1. Today is 2nd of September, it has been 20 days since you have uploaded your poem (i like it). I know you cannot always be writing and it takes time but plz do such writings more often. And yes i just forgot to mention what you do is completely amazing and its LOVELY🌼Waiting in anticipation
    (for idk anything you ll do will be gr8 i believe) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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