A heart that loves too much

With a heart like that, you deserve the world.

– R.H. SIN

Where do I even start about a topic that could be so raw and vulnerable to many? More so, because it mainly is to me.

It could be about anything – people, places, pets, and so on. A heart can obviously love anything that gets its attention. But the deal with hearts that love too much is that they give it their all. Logic and mind are just two words locked in the back trunk to them.

Such hearts know no bounds at all. They have their own little world where everything is just surrounded around the person or whatever it is that they love.

I wouldn’t call it a weakness or a problem, because I believe hearts can’t lie. The mind, however, is a whole other topic. I don’t call it a weakness, because ironically, it takes a load of strength to go against every cell in your body and listen to your heart. It takes even more strength to deal with the consequences later – both good and bad. And that isn’t easy at all, trust me, I know.

A heart that is immensely in love with, say a person, will go above and beyond for the said person. There is nothing in the world they wouldn’t do for them.

People feel too much and love too much only because they think with their hearts. And due to the fact that logic and practicality is never in play, they always go for the extreme road.

When they’re happy, they gladly give into anything and everything you say without a second thought. But in times of despair, they’ll turn into the quietest people ever because the raging storm in their hearts get louder by each passing minute.

One moment, everything is perfect. And the immediate next, nothing is. For them, there’s no in-between. It’s either 0 or a full 100.

Over-thinking is a detrimental side effect due to the same. You would think it must be easy thinking with your heart, but it never is. It’s scary and only pulls you by both feet, deeper into its ocean of nothingness.

There’s so much chaos that goes on in our hearts. And it’s only because we love with that intensity. Have you ever heard the saying ‘Heavy is the head that wears the crown’? Well, heavier the heart that bears a love.

Most would say that is how everyone is, how every heart behaves or how everyone loves. A huge proportion of the graph, sure, but not all. There are people that pay no heed to what their hearts have to say. They base their judgment only on logic and facts.

It is easy to envy them because they don’t over-think or go overboard with their emotions. But what’s the point of basing your existence on facts and practicality when there’s nothing to make you human from within?

A heart that loves too much cannot differentiate between reality and the world they’ve built in their minds. Their ultimate endgame is only encompassed around love in its entirety. They don’t do anything mediocre, but rather loud. And the smallest things in return are enough to make them happy.

They only know how to love and want the same in return, with the same intensity.

The funny part is that no matter how much you think you can understand people with such hearts, you never will. And you shouldn’t even try to. The only thing you could possibly do is love them immensely and hold them when they can barely stand.

They love, because that’s all they know. It could drown them, and yet they’d resurface, only to drown again. It makes no sense, but like I said, you’ll never really understand them.

They don’t see anything wrong in their love, and they don’t deserve to lose faith in something that is their everything.

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