The Being Zone by Marla Williams

Front Cover of the book ‘The Being Zone’

We live in a world where we undergo too much pressure on our minds and bodies, eventually leading to stress. And throughout a lineup of these sequences, we almost lose ourselves, blaming every factor without really acknowledging the root cause.

The Being Zone is a guidebook comprising of tested systems that help you break free from obstacles that hinder your growth. Whatever the factor might be that’s holding you back, the author – Marla Williams, explains how one can overcome these blocks in order to attain a balance between the body, mind and soul.

We worry about multiple things at once and more often than not, fall blind to what leads to us losing control. We tend to make stress a constant in our lives that we unintentionally lead our bodies to burning out. The book explains how we compromise our immune system and drain our bodies completely, and our bodies tend to shut down (i.e., by falling sick) in order to tell us to take it slow, think less and breathe more.

The author talks about real life issues, possible childhood trauma and psychological repression due to which we aren’t able to differentiate between our emotions or even understand the root cause of what we feel. We tend to only see the situation before our eyes without properly understanding the backstory of our emotions. An in-depth analysis is provided on the connection between emotional & psychological and physical symptoms due to past trauma or repressed memories. There are thoughtful activities mentioned to disrupt or clear the trauma out of your way to take a step towards self-development.

Marla explains how we are so hell bent on ‘doing’ that we forget ‘being’. The focus of the book lies on ‘Being’ in the moment and accessing our energy stored within rather than stressing (essentially doing) over external factors. There is clear and on point key messages that differentiate between the doing zone, mostly related to the stress state, and the being zone, related to a state of calm or awareness. Hence, I assume that’s why the name of the book is ‘The Being Zone’ (quite smart, I must say).

The book breaks down our cognitive development to explain the changes we undergo and how the environment around us tends to determine the state of our well-being. It explains how we grow up following our heart and being carefree in nature, but with time, certain events or people influence the way we think and eventually feel. We are expected to be a certain way or do things a certain way by our family, school or society, and amidst that we lose sense of our identity. Once we falter, we go into a downward spiral of frustration that leads to stress and anxiety.

“Your thoughts become your reality.”

What we are told, what we learn and observe molds our subconsciousness. What we think and emote always becomes our reality. The author provides many examples and even an experiment to prove this, along with a variety of muscle & subconscious tests.

There exists a whole chapter on energy, providing the reader with information on accessing the energy within us. The chapter goes on to explain how, if we create and follow vibrational energy, we could be more productive, happier and healthier. We are filled with energy and the energy we give out defines the outcome. The author has done a great job in breaking down positive and negative energies, by providing detailed explanation on both, insights and tools to decrease/block negative energy and to increase/build positive energy.

The author also explains the concept of ‘The Source’, which could essentially be God, the universe or anything that we believe is the point of finality (beginning or end). Connecting to this source is said to help one in exposing themselves to higher powers of energy, thereby changing your thought pattern and allowing yourself to heal.

The 5 spheres of human life, that are Health, Spirituality, Relationships, Hobbies and Career, are explained along with activities to succeed in each sphere. Furthermore, there are 5 Daily B.E.I.N.G. Steps that are explained very precisely. There is also a sample plan provided to better your healing process. It’s basically a mix and match of all the tools to create a being plan for yourself. Each step is really well explained and justified in the best manner possible.

Major highlights of the book:

Journaling sample from Journaling Exercise #14 of The Being Zone
  • A huge part of the book comprises of Journaling. There are questions provided after every (literally!) section that act as prompts to force you to be completely raw and real with yourself. These contain some eye openers that we normally tend to overlook but when pondered upon, left me in surprise of myself.
  • There are as many as 69 unique, creative tools and stress/anxiety relief exercises that I have tried, and have worked wonders! Each tool has an intro and an explanation that help you be in the moment, pay attention to yourself and figure what the matter really is.
‘Three-Part Breathing’ Tool from Chapter 3 of The Being Zone
  • There are some really strong stress relieving methods included, along with many healthy affirmations, one of which is – ‘Even though I feel all this stress, I totally and completely love and accept myself’.
  • The author, who serves as a transformation coach, has included many client stories that act as a proof of everything published is a sure shot.
  • A summary at the end of every chapter is something that I found very thoughtful, wherein all the important points are mentioned again in brief.

What we need to remember is that the first step in healing is accepting the pain and wanting to understand/identify it better in order to let it go. And this book takes you through a journey of reflection, identification and release. It’s insightful in itself to provoke positive thinking and instill a sense of security amongst ourselves.

I would highly recommend this book to help identify your emotions and thoughts effectively, to control your stress levels and invoke a sense of calm and balance within you. More power to Marla for creating a book filled with second chances at life.

Book reviewed by Mazel J | @mazelogue

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